k. cooper

so sorry for the rush this morning- i have to do some work at hg today so i’m out for the rest of the afternoon. i’ll be back with much more tomorrow but i wanted to get as much as possible up today. our sneak peek for this afternoon belongs to the home of hoping for happy accidents‘ k. cooper. simplicity is the name of the game and these photos are sure to inspire some spring cleaning and simple styling. click here for full sized photos of k’s home.


Does anyone have an idea of where I may find a black oversized wall calendar like this? I have been wanting one for my office!!!



Thank you for this, I love k.’s beautiful blog and have always wanted to sneak a peek of her home. So nice!


This is my fave Sneak Peak so far – it’s so calm and soothing. I especially love the picture with the chair, the prints and the small credenza – the warm woods, the natural tones. Love it!


prettygritty: I got my calendar (same as above) at the Jack Spade store in Soho. You can call to see if they still have some in stock.


prettygritty–it’s a stendig calendar and the pages alternate – white on black – black on white. Try Unica Home for one.


peter miller in seattle carries those calendars as well. i’m sure they would ship.


amy lee

looking for a wood dining table for my farmhouse in vermont: no longer than 6′ — sturdy with simple lines, wood patina most important, not oak.
thanks for any ideas…


I love the simplicity of the neutral colours and warm wood tones. I really like the prints above the sideboard too.


wonderful home, kelly!
i miss brooklyn so much.

hanna/ stockholm, sweden

Wiz Wharton

Beautiful space. The oversized calendar is a Stendig. They are available from Crate and Barrel in the US but being in London, I cannot find one anywhere! They also sell out very quickly! Orders are now being taken for the 2009 version!

Peter de Witt

I really love what you`ve accomplished; Tones, colour absolutely magic. It makes me want to come. over to Brooklyn.