alyson fox

i’m having such fun with these sneak peeks that i thought i’d make it a regular column. i’ve emailed out to my favorites (see the comment section below for a short list) but if you know someone who should be featured or just someone you’d like to see on here drop me a line and i’ll see if we can catch a glimpse into their home. today i’m continuing with the home of artist alyson fox. alyson’s home seriously made me reevaluate my entire living room. she’s got blasts of bright color on white walls as well as some interesting installations (see the plates in the walls). we even share a love of framed nama rococo paper. here are more details in alison’s words…

“The silhouette images I made one afternoon and framed them in found thrift store frames. It’s going to be an on-going project that as I make them I add to the story. We have really high ceilings and I love that small wall space up there. The framed bed piece is by Lisa Soloman. The desk I found at a thrift store for 12 dollars. It’s the best red orange metal with a wood top. That’s where I do my work. And of course the piece of Nama Rococo paper. Our house was built in the 40’s, but looks really modern. Also, the plates coming out of the wall was one of my thesis pieces that I installed when we first moved in. Most things change, but that one is pretty permanent.”


just a heads up, here are a few of the people who’ve confirmed so far:

1. karen of nama rococo
2. camilla engman
3. lisa dejohn
4. more amy ruppel
5. alyssa ettinger
6. lisa solomon
7. jill bliss
8. stacy pancake
9. josh spear
10. happy owl glass
11. victoria of sfgirlbybay
12. adrienne labelle
13. sesame letterpress
14. the gang at
15. lisa at good on paper
16. maria of port2port
17. jen garrido
18. sara cihat

and more to come…



What neck of the woods is this in – Massachusetts? Connecticut? That house is so unique, and I love what Alyson has done with the interior.
This is such a fun column :)



i’m loving all these little peaks into people’s houses!!! they’re wonderful!



thanks katie

i’m going to try to do one a day for as long as we have them ;)

if you know anyone who should be featured just let me know!



wow… this just proves that your blog (like so many others) is read by the same 200 people or so…

if you want to stay relevant for the long-term and avoid becoming really boring really fast, I would suggest creating content that people other than your friends and groupies want to read.

you have potential but you’re squandering it with this lazy lack of imagination.

Kate McDonald

What gives with the random jerks on this site?

Ignore them Grace- there’s nothing “lazy” or lacking in imagination on this site.


*And don’t you have thousands of readers? I guess they’re ALL your best friends, right?



Your house is beautiful, thanks for sharing :) :)


m in austin

Hooray for an Austin designer! I love that someone thought the house was in MA or CT!


I don’t consider myself an ‘insider’ in the realm of design blogs and would like to differ with the opinion above (^). I find, and I’m sure many others do, it very interesting to peek into the lives of other artists and designers.

Isn’t that the real point and beauty of all of these featured products? Here we see them living and being used as they should be. I find that inspiring and look forward to seeing more.

Trisha Sullivan

The outside of the house has so much potential– can’t wait to see what you do with that next.




i’d love to show more boys. please please suggest some names. i have emails out to about 10 more but i’d love any suggestions. you can leave them here for shoot me at email at



Boy was I off with my Northeastern guesses! I think it was the Wintery looking trees and the leaves on the ground.
Forgot to mention how interesting I think the plates installed in the wall is!

heather in sf

This reminds me that I should stop renting in San Francisco and move to a place where I can afford a house. So much space. I love your high ceilings, Alyson!!



I would love to see more pics of the exterior, the front of the house is very intriguing…


I’ve never felt more compelled to add a comment of my own….

I’m so grateful that you’re doing a series like this. I love to see the work/live spaces of others.

To the nasty commenter above…bug off. Take your jealous attitude elsewhere.


Awesome idea, Grace. Can’t wait to see Camilla’s house!!

Jessica :)


Boys or not, I love this column. Seeing little snippets is so fun!!

Carrie :)

Tracy Patterson (NYC)

Love this- who’s next? Can we see more than one a day- pleeease?



i love these peeks! great stuff.

grace, you mentioned the nama rococo paper and from the linked post you said you got it framed at sky art and frame and that it was affordable. could you give a ballpark? i’ve never had anything professionally framed and have no idea what it would run or if i could afford it. i’d like similar framing to what you have and the piece i want framed looks a similar size. it would save me a trip out there if it’s way out of my price range.



I’d love to see some Scandinavian interiors- Karin Eriksson maybe?




i believe that piece was a little under or around $100? considering i had it appraised at two sep shops for $225 i was thrilled with that cost :)



ever think of showing a sneak peak into your readers homes, or lesser known designers, etc? might get some different points of view.

people do have wonderful homes.


I think this feature is great. And I’m pretty sure I’m not part of your design cabal! :)
I’d like to see peeks into the Rose and Radish home, and for boys how about the Variegated lads, oh and Thorsten van Elten!!

thanks, Jennifer


i also love the sneak peeks…especially since these are people whose work is really good – it’s great to see what kind of environment they choose to live in.

for a minute i thought that desk (from the side view) was an eames desk and i was about to turn 10 shades of green with envy.


LOVE the plates in the wall, that would be SO great as a display for my broken plate pendants. Would you mind passing on the secret?? Thanks!


Great series, but please give us bigger images. The big thumbnails on the blog are fine, but link to larger jpegs please.


It’s sad that Grace just spends days on such meaningless things and wastes money. Instead of being wise and investing, she just spends on stuff and won’t ever have much money.

Jill Clarkson

I can’t believe what that jerk wrote! I love this. How fun! ; )


I love those silhouette images! Does anyone know how I can make those myself?


Hello! I love this Sneak Peek idea! Are there more pics from Alyson’s place??
Thanks so much!


To both rude “Anonymous” commenters: Until you decide to link us to your own amazing work, we’ll just assume there isn’t any, and we’ll consider your opinions as worthless and uneducated.

I love the sneak peaks! There are so many inspirational people in your upcoming list that I can barely wait to see them!

I feel that people’s homes are such a big part of their impact on the world, and it gives us a different understanding of who they are and what they are creating. Keep em coming!

Oh by the way, I’ve never commented here before, and I don’t know Grace personally, yet I read her column every day. So there, Anon!


i’m not the groupie type…and i wouldn’t continue to read grace’s blog if i didn’t find it relevant and inspiring. ;)

Catherine in NYC

I just found your site via Apartment Therapy and like what I see… Can you tell me where you got the white planters above? I’ve been looking for these!