ceramic hook box

i love these ceramic hook boxes by designer luca nichetto. such a clever way to deal with entryway storage and organization. via mocoloco via elmanco.

tracey bolton

These are so perfect. Do you have any idea where I could actually buy these?


YES!! Where can I buy these. this would be a perfect house warming gift for a friend of mine!

Karen E

They are truly fantastic. Google suggests no one is selling them yet. If anyone finds a retailer, let us know!

lazy housekeeper

Super-cute, though they look like they would be a pain to dust. I’ve recently decided that all new household purchases must be easily cleanable. We’ll see how that goes…


i hope the hook part is made of something other than ceramic, if not it might easily break from something heavy like a bookbag!


What a fabulous idea! Maybe the hooks are reinforced with something inside…regardless, this is a great idea.

Front Studio

I saw these awhile back too. I tried contacting the manufacturer, the designer, local distributers only to reach a dead end. Maybe if everyone wrote to them we’d eventually get them in the states? Try bosa_ceramiche(at)libero.it


Just opened up my dwell and they they were – the hookboxes. Did anyone find an american source or do I have to draw on my limited Italian to find them?


Dwell Junkie

Tried in vain…not to be found here in the US or anywhere for that matter…totally irritating when featured in a US publication (i.e. Dwell) but you can’t actually buy them!


I emailed Bosa Ceramiche. The hook box will be avaible in November 07 through Design Within Reach, they do have a website with stores in San Diego and I think San Francisco. Also, the email said the Hook Box can also be purchased through the company, Bosa Ceramiche. I suppose you just send an email regarding purchasing it at their website. They did not mention a price. I thought everyone should know!


Thanks for the update, I have been following this chat since I saw then in Dwell!


found them!!! only thru DWR for $270 each…pretty steep if you ask me.


I bought one from DWR for my girl and it’s working quite well. The crafstmanship is ok and is fairly easy to attach onto a wall.

Question: Does anyone know where to buy one with a yellow accent in the states? DWR only sells Red and Black accents.


How much are these? I can’t find a price anywhere.


I have direct collect hangers, but it would come would be good for our fitness center, that was always in view.

Stine Hansen

Does anyone know if the hooks still can be bought.

If yes, you are welcome to send me links.