john pomp

last week i hopped a subway up to williamsburg to speak with one of the city’s most celebrated glass artists, john pomp. i’ve been a fan of john’s work for some time now- the way he works with color and form always brings to mind a certain sensuality that is often missing from glass these days. john has devoted his time not just to creating beautiful glass, but to creating a place where people can explore and produce their own glass. behind the pomp storefront is 160 glass, a studio that is open to anyone in the area that would like to take classes and learn more about the art of glass blowing. and this february, john is offering a special valentine’s day glass blowing class where couples can come and do something different together. so, to hear more about 160 glass’ classes and hear john’s podcast simply click “play” below. you can hear all that john has to say about glass, the tempermental nature of contemporary design and of course, some words of wisdom (not to be missed) for design students and those looking to start their own design-based companies. enjoy!

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I’m so jealous that this is available in your area!! I saw the glass blowing dept. at the Alberta College of Art and Design while on a tour many years ago and it’s stuck in myhead ever since. It’s like no other art form. Except for maybe, those fancy decorations they make out of candy glass. :0)

Jocelyn Durston

I love those white vases – I’m looking for some similar to display on my dresser…the long slim necks on those are lovely…


I guess his work is not available to buy online anywhere???!