modhaus + recent aquisitions


ac and i are finally starting to get rid of our ikea furniture and invest in nicer pieces. one of the reasons for our trip to boston this weekend was to visit modhaus, a mid-century furniture and accessories dealer in dorchester. i’d been sworn to secrecy by my original tip giver (the super cool adrienne labelle) but now that modhaus has been mentioned a few times online i figured it was safe to share the secret. modhaus is tucked away in a huge warehouse outside of boston that’s packed full of furniture, clothing, accessories and artwork. but we came with a purpose: new dressers. i’d wanted to get some danish pieces and we left happy as clams. my dresser is above and ac’s looks like a larger version. each of us invested in danish teak dressers from the 50’s/60’s and are very happy with our purchases (and the prices). if you’re in the market for mid-century originals modhaus is a must-visit. they do 90% of their business online but if you’re in the area i really suggest a visit. they sell most of their pieces before they even have a chance to get online so it’s worth calling them to set up a visit. i also picked up this cute little martz vase/pitcher. it’s a good thing we live on a budget (and didn’t have a huge van) or we may have come home with at least 5 more pieces. click here to shop modhaus’ collection- be prepared, they’re going to be one of those sources you’ll bookmark and check all the time…



lovin the bear painting! where did you get it?


beautiful … and so thrilling that you didn’t need that blasted allen wrench! thanks for the tip!


Love your dresser! We got a similar one from Horseman Antiques in Brooklyn – it’s great to have some quality furniture! What a nice find.
~ Emily



oh man, doesn’t horseman scare you? adrienne directed me to them as well and i went by only to be terrified by that old man who works there. he kept glaring at me like i was going to break something. every time i would get close to something he’d make this noise like i was going to knock stuff over. ugh. (great selection though)



Ha ha! Very very true… one of those guys is usually plastered by 11 a.m. and kind of belligerent but if you’re patient and in a good mood you can really find some amazing things. We bought a few pieces there and they are lovely. Good prices too. Just don’t go after a hard day!
~ Emily