diy holiday cards


i’m a big fan of making your own cards and wrapping paper for the holidays so these new stencils are right up my alley. ed at stencil 1 (they made the popular sparrow stencils from this spring) sent over their new holiday collection that includes a tree, pinecone and snowflake print. use them for cards, gift wrap, tablecloths, anything- they’re a great way to give your holidays a handmade feel. i’d use a nice gold or bronze ink on craft paper for a softer look. $15 a set right here. [thanks, ed!]


Au Poussin Bleu

If you could get your hand on a wizard machine or a embossing tool with light box , you could do some lovely embossed card as well! I would love to see how the tree would look like …………
Love making card!


Wow, those look great! I was thinking of doing something similar for my wedding invitations. Can you use any type of stencil?