jen corace podcast *

by Grace Bonney


last thursday i took a bus from downtown providence to jen corace‘s studio. she was kind enough to let me interview her about her work, her childhood in the suburbs of new jersey and even her favorite meal (she has self-described “burrito problem”). i was so nervous to meet her (she’s like a rock star to me) but she was incredibly friendly and was kind enough to give me all sorts of insight into her work and how she goes about creating the collections that have made her famous. from brooding problems to her dream collections (think: jen corace for the home) jen had so many interesting things to say- i hope you’ll enjoy her podcast. [click here to listen] or right click to save as an mp3. enjoy! [thanks again to jen for taking the time to meet with me]

[photos from okok gallery, music by jets to brazil]


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  • thanks for another great design podcast – including a mini ode to (a favorite of mine) toast! jen’s work is really something else – you hit on the themes it evokes right on in the ‘cast! nice work!

  • thanks, barabara

    i was just so psyched to see her work in person. her little studio had a few works in progress and it was hard to resist the urge to poke through it all. ;)


  • Thanks so much for this. I’ve been really excited about the increased presence of fine artists on this site. It’s nice to see someone as talented as Jen being supported here.


  • I just want to agree with Ben about your fine arts coverage! The “art world” can be hard to navigate and, frankly, pretentious. It’s so great to see an open forum for artists that’s about beauty and emotional connections to art. Thank you Grace!


  • What great work, I have always loved her illustration style. Thanks for the Podcast Grace!

  • Her work is gorgeous. It’s always nice to meet someone you admire, and to find them be lovely.

  • I just discovered your podcasts and this is definitely one of my favorites! Her work is so beautiful. I’m redoing my bedroom and I’m actually thinking of getting the color palette from one of Jen’s paintings.

  • Hi Grace. I just discovered you in the June 2009 issue of Canadian House and Home. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and the podcast with Jen Corace. What a great artist! I love the simplicity. Thanks again for your good work.

    All the best,

    Val Romanow
    Garry Street Gallery in Winnipeg