esque + pets


andi kovel and co. at esque studio have just launched a new collection that includes these crazy pieces for pets. i think i’d rather use some of the vessels for non-pet related things (i don’t store my litter in a glass jar, the glass is too nice for litter) but that’s for you to decide. the vessels are so pretty in and of themselves that the pet part seems unimportant to me. though i’d love to see our plus-sized ms. jackson try to squish into that little jar of a pet cocoon. for more of esque’s (non-pet) work click here. [thanks, andi!]




lol. oh i wish you weren’t right, brad, but you are. so right. lol.



is there a link where these can be purchased? i can’t seem to find them on the site!


sorry ms. jackson – but my ms. bubba rounding out at a mere 17lbs is what we call a FAT CAT!


it will be on the site soon. i got a little heads up, so it’s not up yet…



the pet part is VERY important. I just got 2 cats and I refuse to put all the typical fugly stuff in my apt. it’s nearly impossible to find nice looking things for them that are functional. I had to get 2 lucite letter boxes to use as litter boxes (ha) and they’re getting to be too small already. now I don’t know what I’ll do…get some of those bottles I guess


No offense, but why would you want to put kitty litter in a lucite box? It’s not exactly something I would want to put on display in my bathroom. Or anywhere for that matter.

I like the frosted plastic litterboxes by Cats Rule.


I 100% agree with you. Why all pets stuff have to be that ugly? I’m not very handy so must rely on ready-made stuff from pet shop and about to surrender myself buying a cat tree because my cats deserve to have it. Sigh….