nama rococo


i’m in love. with a wallpaper company. i thought i’d seen the best of the best in wallpaper but thanks to corbett at variegated i’ve discovered a fantastic new designer, karen combs of nama rococo. after studying and traveling all over the world, karen came back to work and live in north adams, massachusetts. inspired by a chinese scroll painting she saw at the metropolitan karen learned wallpaper design from the best in the business and in 2004, she rolled out her first line of wallpaper. since then karen has been creating stunning, truly unique wallpaper designs from her studio in western massachusetts. after so many over the top, super-graphic designs that seem to have saturated the wallcovering market lately, it was lovely to see something slightly different with a geometric, but handmade feel to it. it’s as if a really creative person with a great sense of color and line broke into your home and painted a gorgeous mural all over the wall. and if i had the money, i’d pay karen to come “paint” her beautiful murals all over my home. karen’s work is just to beautiful and too unique not to be checked out, so click here and see for yourself. lovely, lovely work, karen! [thanks corbett!]

[ac and i are hopping a plane to chicago. be back monday. have a great weekend!]





Wow! Beautiful wallpaper. Loopy, lovely, lush, langorous… i’m in love too!


so alive and so energizing…thank you for that inspiration.


Jackie Peters

Wow, I’ve been looking for something like this. This is great wallpaper.


Good call. Karen Combs’ style is so diverse. This is some of the best design I’ve seen lately. Thanks.


psst: you can follow the link to contact her to buy. super simple.



i can’t remember the last time i was blown away by the design of a web site-never mind the work on it. it made me really happy to look at this site.


Love this paper site! But when I click to “Contact” I just get an email address. Anyone been successful in finding out where to buy? Thanks.


the paper is sold only through nama rococo, no stores ;)



I’ve been a fan for a few months. Love everything. Want to buy a few panels to frame as oversized art. Just as soon as I get an oversized wall. Love the writing on the site too–how many times do you actually WANT to read all the copy on someone’s site? Not often. Bravo!


Oh, I really love the one on the bar. All of them could be works of art.