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faux bois, “fake wood” in french, is all the rage these days. the look of wood grain- in textiles, papers and furniture- has been popular throughout the history of interior design, but lately accessories styled to look like actual wood, or with a wood grain “look” are everywhere: at most good design shops around the country and in the pages of the shelter mags in the us and abroad. i find the look has to be done with nicer materials to look polished and modern- cheaper materials and poor finishing will have you saying “tacky” instead of “tasteful”. the key to any trend is mixing in new pieces among an existing collection- so try adding a wood grained pillow to your couch, or a faux bois pendant lamp in the kitchen or even some faux bois bedding- but be sure to keep in in check, the look is about adding modern faux textures, not recreating your neighbor’s basement from the 70’s. so, check out these fun faux bois options and have fun! and while you’re at it, check out it’s (k)not wood- a whole website devoted to everything faux bois! [top picture: pendant lights at 2modern $180, faux birch light trio $425 at lekker home]


[woods wallpaper by cole and son, faux bois mirror $1300 and faux bois vase $125 at koo de kir]


[faux bois journal $13.95, faux birch lamp at anthropologie $248, wood grain sheets at urban outfitters $40-$60]


[“wooden” stools by courtney skott, barnwood pillows by thomas paul at velocity- limited amounts left $80-$104]


[faux bois runner at viva terra $89, hemlock chandelier at anthropologie $1200, branch napkin rings at lekker home $10]


target also has some fake wood-print CLOTHES from isaac mizrahi’s last line for them…really cool and 75% off right now. I got an awesome skirt.

btw those urban outfitters sheets only come in twin extra long now, if anyone tries to order them, which i did (try) a few months ago.

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[…] The translation of Faux Bois is ‘fake wood.’ The French always make something potentially tacky sound appealing. I have always liked the appeal of artists interpreting nature, and am impressed to see a resurgence of this trend. I knew it had mainstream appeal when I noticed Martha Stewart has included it in her designs for Macy’s. West Elm has a few items that reflect the Faux Bois look. One of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge, has a great mini trend section with a post on Faux Bois. […]


target now has some awesome quilts which are dark brown on one side and lighter on the other and the stitching is in a woodgrain pattern, very nice. the twin is $50. i might have to go back and get one for later use on the small person’s bed. :)


I think Martha Stewart has introduced a faux bois rug in her new rug design collection. Very cool looking. It would definitely complement dark wood flooring or even travertine tile floors.



love the drum shades! Anything wood is appealing in a “green” economy”..
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I’m so happy I found you! ….must subscribe! This blog makes me happy!


I love faux bois!
I just made some hand printed linen pillows with my own design in yummy colors of mocha, apricot and custard.
Love your trend reports!