the modern playshed


stylish playhomes for the modern child have just arrived- courtesy of grey design studio and velocity. the modern playshed is a child’s prefab playhouse with clean, modern, customizable design. designed by ryan grey smith (architect and parent) in collaboration with velocity, the playshed is, “thoughtfully constructed to be as much fun to put together and decorate as it is for playtime”.


each playshed is pre-fabricated and requires fairly simple assembly. basic tools required are: a power drill, level, hammer, tape measure, small wrench, utility knife (optional), caulk gun (optional for sealing windows or attaching optional floor tiles). in addition, a foundation is not required- a simple level surface (like a bed of gravel) is all that is required. for the seriously modern child, it certainly beats those plastic playhouses from toys r us. prices start at $2,995. click here for more info.