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ok one last thing, i’m crazy about these clear pet dishes by everyday studio. available in four colors (orange, blue, clear and pink), these cute little dishes come in a small, medium and large version for $50, $75 and $100 at elsewares. too cute. [there’s also a clear version of their standard two bowl dish right here for $65 and $80]




hey, you don’t happen to know of a place that sells cute cat collars do you? Every place that sells unique pet stuff just focuses on dogs!

erin t

Hi Kate!
I have a dog, but some of my favorite dog collar stores also have cat collars. Check out the cute selection at If It Wags

I also like these Up Country cat collars sold at The Cat Connection
I love the tongue-in-cheek mouse and fish styles, as well as the funky circle, wave and swirl styles.

Also, the “Dog Collar Lady” on ebay will make a custom cat collar in any of the fabric choices on her site. There are some very cute mod and retro fabrics if you take the time to look around.

Hope this helps!

erin t

I can’t believe I almost forgot George! They have some nice breakaway and gentle elastic cat collars, but also check out their pretty bowls and darling catnip toys. George’s doggy stuff is precious too, if you ever need to find a gift for a dog owner.