scando family table


designer eric pfeiffer teamed up with modernseed to produce this beautiful modern bent ply family table. perfect for use as a play table, coffee table and a number of other uses, this is a piece that’s sure to be a hit with the whole family. available in birch, white or walnut, the table will begin shipping in 6 weeks from modernseed. [thanks, eric!]



Well he is just a little bit more than “teamed up” with them…he is married to one of their owners.


True ;)

This is the first major furniture project Eric and Modernseed have undertaken, he previously designed for Offi, etc…



This is an amaaaaaaaaaaazing blog. I love love love it. :)

Please don’t look at mine. I am ashamed. :S

Víctor García

Such a nice table!
I am having second thoughts on my recently bought table. check here:

No way nicer than the “scando family table” in my opinion… :-((

My wife and I just moved and we are (trying) to decorate the house. Everytime we buy our furniture we spot a few days later something better/nicer/suitable etc… STOP POSTING SO DAMN COOL FURNITURE! ;)


Actually, Eric designed the table for I don’t think he’s ripping himself’s just simply a larger version of this idea, and the lap dog that he designed as well. – John