brand new nurseryworks


i’m a big fan of the designs from nurseryworks- they’re simple, stylish and wonderfully modern (but without sacrificing form or function). this new rocker just hit the market and features a tufted cushion, soft back pillow and tall back for resting your head. the “sleepytime rocker” is fully upholstered (in felt, cotton canvas or microsuede) with an exposed wood base finished in stained wood. sadly (for those in need of a rocker), the rocker won’t begin shipping until jan of 2006, but pre-orders are being accepted at sparkability right now. i love pretty rockers.


I just checked out the nurseryworks line ready to buy one of their cribs but unfortunately it may look nice but the quality is lacking. The craftsmanship is not anywhere near where it should be considering the price. Oh well, back to finding the perfect crib…


just curious about what’s lacking in the craftsmanship dept. i’ve always heard people rave about the quality of their products, so i’d love to hear more details about what is so lacking.

i’ve never seen their stuff in person, so anyone who has, please provide some more info. if it’s really lacking,i’d like to know how so?



Love your blog.
I live i Denmark, and have been searching for cool baby furniture in Europe, but haven´t got lucky yet. Do You have any links??
/Christel Wolff Pjetursson

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