baby talk


ducduc always designs the coolest baby furniture. granted, it’s baby furniture designed with pretty hip modernists in mind. some of these designs will seem a bit much for most people (like the orange and yellow “girl” crib), but i think there’s definitely a market for people who want their child’s room to be just as hip and modern as the rest of the house. and heck, not everyone likes pink and flowers, right?


if the cribs aren’t your style, check out the cute chalk board pieces (table and dresser) that are bound to please parents and kids alike.



if it’s still too modern for you, check out the wonderfully elegant and wonderfully simple designs from cariboo. i love the simple design and ease of movement with these pieces. plus, they’re a bit more traditional for those wary of bold colors and modern graphics.


you can see all these pieces and much more at sparkability.


still going with the economical kids furniture route, right? just checking :)


yeah, clearly this one isn’t affordable for a lot of people. but it is for some, and i like to offer up any and all resources i find.

(i have some new, just launched affordable gear coming soon)



While much isn’t exactly affordable on the site, they do have some really wonderfully designed stuff.

You may have already seen these toys but they’re similar in design and more affordable: