focus: affordable design


although i don’t have kids, i can understand the frustration of parents trying to find great stuff for their kids that won’t drain their life savings. so, in honor of design under $250, here is the first post of the day on affordable childrens design. ps: i’m noticing there are very few large furniture items under $500, so i’m going to make it a priority to track some down by the end of the week…


OFFI, Inc. Childrens Furniture

i stopped by sparkability first to see what they had that was under $250…they had a ton of fun stuff, including some larger pieces like tables and chairs.



my favorite piece is the spaceframe sculpture kit that lets kids build any number of fun play things. made from a material derived from recycled soda bottles, the spaceframe kit starts at $170 and is a fun way to add some color and design to your childs room.


50 to 140

i also love the bumbo baby sitter ($45), cow baby bottle ($8.50), baby lounger ($100), handysit ($95), xo table ($45 on sale), the sibi flix ($150), the sled desk ($120), the built by me collection ($50-$140) and the casa rocker ($80). there are tons of great things to be found here that won’t break the bank, so check out the full collection. [all items pictured are from sparkability and are under $250]


8 50


Great stuff, d*s. I love Sparkability. What I REALLY love is their “Villa Sibi” doll house!! Not for my son, but for ME! Everytime I see it, I nearly cry.

Anyway… another way to find affordable kid stuff is by thinking outside the box. Like I mentioned before, Target’s back to school/ dorm like stuff is great. It’s marketed for college kids, but some of it works great for little kids. Unfortunately, they don’t have cribs!

The Container store has a ton of great things that can be used in a kids room. For example: . We have one of these plastic little chairs in translucent white. It’s really durable, modern looking and ….. drum roll…. $6.99!!!! Now, THAT’s what I’m talking about. Lot’s of great storage options there also. (Obviously!)


Thanks for all these great ideas, and for the new affordable design column, d*s! ! I don’t even have kids, but I love looking at these fun designs. I’m forwarding today’s d*s to my friends who have little ones.