atlas is a manufacturer of beautiful, quality wooden furniture. my favorite pieces in their collection are far from new, but i haven’t heard much about them lately so i thought i’d check back in, because sometimes pieces that are built so well continue to look fresh and modern. and these certainly fit that description.



run by designers joseph fratesi and thomas wright (atlas west and atlas east, respectively), atlas operates in both brooklyn and sanfranciso. their work has been mentioned in all the top design publications, and with good reason- their clean lines, beautiful materials and timeless designs are perfect for those looking to invest in a truly beautiful piece of furniture. you can see the whole collection here and contact them here for information on pricing, installation and purchase. (my favorites are the bed, shelving and dresser)






Great design there is no qualms about that. we recently purchased them for our office conference room. I don’t know if it was our salesperson [he was fired in the middle of our order] but the order took a long time, promised one week but not delivered. it was sort of comedy of errors. the guys at atlas were nice enough but were sick of me by the time we were all said and done. I guess being a small operation…sometimes things go that way. they look great though.


love the designs and the people. i bought their shelving/desk system and everyone was extremely nice and helpful. e.g., when there was a delay in shipping one last drawer, they made every effort to work with my schedule and had someone come to my house late night and install the drawer himself. they also clearly love the pieces they create….


u hav quite an interesting blog. as someone involved in designing i also like ur sense of aesthetics.


any information wheather they ship orders to EU also?