45 degrees


tuesday is always a rough day for me, more so than monday because i feel like you have this long 4 days stint ahead of you and you’re not even to the hump day yet. hence, i like to surround myself with designs that are comforting and cozy. to me, warm wooden furniture is cozy and comforting- hence, 45 degrees is my design studio of the day.


45 degrees is the work of chicago-based designer jason wade. his mission (as described on their website) is as follows: “i believe that good design in furniture arises from good design in structure. a strong design reflects, without having to reveal, the joinery that holds a piece together. there’s beauty in a piece of furniture which has been darkened by age and marked by use which still speaks in the voice of the artisan who built it 10, 50, or a hundred years ago. this is my approach, and what i aspire to every time i set foot in my shop.”


i think 45 degrees has definitely made good on their mission and the furniture speaks for itself. it has both a sense of modernity and history to it- the wood is beautiful: worn in, sometimes distressed looking and simply gorgeous. if you like natural looking furniture, this is your stuff. you can find more information on 45 degrees right here. (you can email or call for information on buying, pricing and custom work)