pomo pets


we spoil our cats more than anyone else i know (well, maybe not as much as my mom). so, well, when you love design and love your pets like i do, these are right up your alley. postmodernpets.com has a great collection of well-designed products for your fuzzy ones. while most are way out of my price range, they might be worth saving up for if your pets will actually use them.



the cat cocoon, designed by warren lieu, is a multifunctional piece of feline furniture with a playful, organic shape. made of layers of laser-cut corrugated cardboard, the cat cocoon features a unique rippled texture and intricately detailed peepholes. while $249 is too much for me to spend on turk and ms. j, maybe someone out there can afford this super cool cat toy. (why is corrugated cardboard so expensive??)


couchette, designed by elizabeth paige smith, is the perfect way for your coach to lounge in style, and at $309 dollars, they better love it. again, overpriced in my opinion, but its one of those toys that’s so cute i wouldn’t mind having it out. not like i have any shame- our apt is covered in pretend ice cream cone toys, cat nip mice and plastic caps they like to chase.

ms. paige smith (of kittypod fame) also designed the prrrounge- a classy chaise for your kitty (see above). sold for $219, the prrrounge looks smashing next to your collection of pomo people furniture.

while most of these are super pricey, sometimes it’s nice to splurge on something for the fuzzy ones who bring so much joy into your life. although it’s not like they’ll know you splurged on them…but anyway, it’s cute stuff. all available from postmodernpets.com.


I love that yellow cat. The cardboard items are cool, too. But soooooo expensive.


Isn’t the construction of the last item (and the others really) very similar to the chair that won the design contest you held?

Shouldn’t it just be a bunch of thick boxes glued together into a brick and then stulpted (wasteful, but all I can come up with at 5:30)?


Hey! you scooped the NYtimes again. They wrot about this on June 9, 2005. Just proving that you rock!