noisy dog studio


if you’re like me and you consider your pet a member of your family- this might be up your alley. leigh, an artist from gig harbor, creates beautiful, modern painted portraits of your fuzzy ones. each one is quirky and provides a nice spin on the idea of pet portraiture. if you’re unfamiliar with this industry, believe me, it is a HUGE one. (i happen to come from a family where having portraits of a pet done is not odd at all)


leigh takes on custom pieces and works from photographs you send her of your pet. the nice thing is, there is no obligation to buy the piece. it will go up for general sale if you don’t like it. now, i’m not saying it’s nice to commission work and not take it, but i know there are plenty of people out there would buy these pieces as art, regardless of the fact that they don’t know the animal. so, it’s a cool idea (i’d love to see her take on josh’s terriers).


leigh can be contacted via her website and you can see some great samples of her work there. i know there a bunch of you out there who love your pets, so why not think about a painting of them? i know i’ve wanted to have some funny black and white pictures taken of turk and ms. j, so, why not? click here for more info.