my mind is elseware(s)….


hi everyone- so glad to be back and blogging again. i spent yesterday at the doctor trying to figure out what’s up with my bizarro stomach. we might have an answer, but my mind is still kinda there, so i apologize but my posts might be a bit sparse today. i’m just kinda spacey today. that said…

today belongs to elsewares, the fabuloso e-commerce design site that is based in my lovely neighborhood to be (well, i hope so) of carroll gardens. run by the super cool mr. ryan deussing, elsewares brings you the best of independent design- all at the click of your mouse. the elsewares collection is always growing, so be sure to check out the newbies: rena has been added to the jewelry section, brenthalomew (a one-man design/build phenomenon) from portland has been added, and many many more. it’s really quite a crew- their work is phenomenal and the heart behind it is even more amazing. these guys make everything by hand and their work deserves a round of applause. (so does elsewares bc a portion of their profts goes to different progressive organization each month! hooray!) so, be sure to cruise by elsewares and check out the new goods. not to be missed: rena(duh), thomas paul’s new plates, custom comics from sophie crumb (yes, that crumb) and cool handmade bags made from leftover patagonia fabrics made by a cali husband and wife team. go get it!






LURV that necklace.

Might wanna check out — drool-worthy.