how do i love thee molo, let me count the ways….

matcha bowl

canadian design all-stars, molo are constantly churning out cool stuff. from their innovative icff winner, the float tea lantern, to their brand new (and totally sick) softwall system, these guys are on top of their game. just when you think they’d be taking some time off to rest on their creative laurels, they surprise you with a brand new collection of cups and glasses that are to-die-for! based on the same premise and style of the float series, molo‘s newest line of cups and glasses is designed to house your racier drinks: liqueurs, champagne, pilsners wine and of course, cocktails (and if caffeine is your guilty pleasure (lookin’ at you, wolcheck), there’s even one for cappucino). each glass is elegant, modern and begging to be filled with something delicious to sip. ps: you can even fill it with macha, that gorgeous green tea pictured above. but be careful, that stuff will knock you flat. i had some served to me at a jun-ichi arai show at gallery gen last year and i almost fell out of my seat. so, go easy on the macha and cruise on by molo’s site for more information.

editor’s note: seems as though additional congratulations are in order- molo was recently selected as one of the finalists for the moma/ps1 young architects summer program! congrats and lots of love……d*s



red wine

liquer glasses


holy crap i’m famous now.

enjoyed catching up. and i did in fact stop and get a latte after we parted ways. you know me, always chasing the dragon.



ditto d. way to go on the latte- that’s my dave.

btw, thanks for the mix dude. lovin the rodeohead so far. so, so sweet.