the future is bright and very, very perfect

well, the future perfect‘s holiday “gifted” show was hands down, my favorite gettogether of the holiday season. there’s nothing like a brooklyn party to make you feel relaxed and not so, you know, scenester-y. although, the future perfect is definitely a scene in itself- it’s just a scene in which i feel more comfortable. plus it’s right across from my favorite sushi restaurant. bonus!

d*s style summary: cool people, cool store, cool designs, cool vibe, cool neighborhood. just plain cool. seen: designs by online darlings eric ginder and sara cihat. a great installation of lite brite’s new neon sconces, and the OSB desk from redstr/collective. best in show? look no further than the most darling little felt birds i’ve ever seen. honorable mention: inkblot mirrors by DUPD design.

i’m still waiting on some more details in terms of designer’s last names (and first names!) from dave, but if you need any info or see something you want to buy, just stop on by the future perfect. click here for directions, contact info, etc.

happy holidays dave!



WINDOW MONTAGE [window design*the future perfect] gorgeous glass birds that were actually lights (housed in scrapile boxes)…love it

YOU DOWN WITH OSB? [osb desk*redstr/collective] cool desk with klein reid porcelain accessories…

BLOTTY [ink blot mirrors*DUPD design]

CHEEP CHEEP [felt bird*name coming] sometimes birds like to nest in ac’s hair…

THE LITE IS BRITE [neon sconces*lite brite]

DISCLAIMER [disclaimer tape*FUGG design] sticks to anything you want it stuck on….

DESIGN BLOG DARLINGS [ginder and cihat display*tfp]

LAST ONE [lite brite chandy, lorena plates, miller cupcakes…and more*the future perfect]