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Fortune Finds & The Best of Web 10/24


If your Sundays find you ogling the travel section of the newspaper like ours do, we’ve got some great inspiration to kick off your weekend. Twin sisters Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato have often used their far-and-wide travels as inspiration for their beautiful line of accessories, Lizzie Fortunato. This week, they are launching their first line of lifestyle and home goods called Fortune Finds, a collection of objects curated from their travels and favorite makers. With pieces from places as far ranging as Mexico and Japan, this lovely assortment is sure to satiate the travel bug in you. Check out more photos from the line after the jump! Have a lovely weekend! —Max



Some of this week’s highlights:

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In the Kitchen With: Baked’s Baked Alaska Meringues

Baked, the bakery co-founded by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, represents everything that’s right about American baking (in my book), especially the baking that appeared in my childhood! Their latest cookbook, Baked Occasions, is a new collection of classic American recipes (with a twist), presented according by month to commemorate their chosen special occasions throughout the year.  In contrast with my usual credo of simple and seasonal, I chose one of the most labor intensive recipes from the book for today’s column, Baked Alaska Meringues. There really is no season for this (though it appears in the book for October 18, Alaska Day), but it sure will take time to do. If you’re all-in for a spectacular dessert, this is for you. I really would love for Baked to open a Rome bakery!  -Kristina

About Matt and Renato: Matt and Renato, former producer and graphic designer, co-founded Baked bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 2005 to escape their humdrum corporate lives and indulge in what they loved to do most: bake. Since 2005, they have produced four cookbooks, and will be opening a second bakery in Tribeca this season. You can hear Grace’s interview with Matt and Renato on After the Jump in which they talk about growing their business. You can see our feature, 9 Questions with Baked Bakery, and you can find them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


See what’s inside the Baked Alaska Meringue after the jump!

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DIY Project: Copper Snakes Pumpkin By Liz Libre

I’ve been reading Halloween books to my four-year-old son before bed and all the same kinds of spooky things are mentioned: bats, mummies, skeletons, owls (are they really spooky?), witches. I realized I would use this project to paint something that really spooks me: snakes! Snakes totally freak me out, but if you forget the whole poisonous venom thing, the body of the snake and the patterns on their skin are actually quite beautiful. I really liked that contrast, so I decided I’d make a “spooky” but beautiful pumpkin. I hope this will inspire you to try some metallic painting on your pumpkins this year! -Liz Libre of Linda & Harriett


Click through for tips on replicating this look after the jump!

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Make Room For: Wednesday Addams

If the moody days of fall are well suited to any film character, it would most definitely be Wednesday Addams, the sharp-tounged, deliciously dark daughter from The Addams Family. Played to a T by Christina Ricci in the 1991 and 1993 film adaptations of Charles Addams’ classic comic strip, Wednesday is pretty much the patron saint of keepin’ it real—under any circumstances. Brutally honest, mildly sadistic, and wickedly funny, she is also gifted with an absolutely killer sense of style. Here, we pay tribute to this timeless femme fatale with a series of rooms and recipes that we know she would just die for. Check out all of our picks after the jump! —Max


Image above: You just know that she would throw some truly memorable dinner parties.

See more dark and twisty picks for Wednesday after the jump!

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Before & After: DIY Herringbone Wall

herringbone makeover designsponge
Some before & afters are all about a giant POW! of change: full home demolitions, knocking down walls and taking houses down to their studs. But some transformations are more focused on doing something clever with a small space that needs some new life. Today’s makeover falls into the second category of celebrating tiny nooks with a DIY upgrade.

When Amanda Devries of Gezellig Life wanted to give her “ho-hum” entryway wall a makeover, she looked no further than her own backyard. After doing some major demolition on her family’s home in Ontario, she was left with some beautiful pieces of salvaged wood. Determined to find a way to keep them as a part of the new space, she decided to create a herringbone pattern on the wall using those leftover planks. The whole project took eight hours from start to finish and didn’t cost a thing except for Amanda’s time! The finished look made her so happy that she was inspired to use salvaged bricks from the home’s original storage room to create a brand new hearth around their wood burning stove. Talk about making the most of what you have around you. Thanks so much to Amanda for sharing this with us and be sure to read on to hear more about her upcycled makeover. xo, grace

Click through for the full makeover and process after the jump!

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9 Questions with Baked Bakery

I’m not sure if it’s the sheer joy they get to be around all day (Sugar! Icing! Sprinkles!), but bakers are some of happiest and kindest people I know. And two of my all-time favorite bakers, and people, are Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito of Baked. This talented twosome just released a fantastic new baking book, Baked Occasions, and are about to open up a new bakery in Manhattan any day now, too. Their current schedules make even the busiest person seem like they’re in slow-motion, so I’m especially grateful that they were willing to sit down with us last week (in the corner banquette of their beautiful new location!) to answer a few fun questions. Tomorrow we’ll be sharing a recipe from Baked Occasions, so stay tuned for meringues you will not want to miss. Click here to check out more of Baked’s delicious work online.

Video by Maxwell Tielman. Thanks to Julia Turshen & Radio Cherry Bombe for inspiring the rapid-fire questions for this video!


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