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  • Today I sat down and wrote about how I finally came to understand and embrace my personal style- and how it's very different from the style of the website I run. I've felt with a lot of imposter syndrome shame about not being a picture perfect "brand ambassador" and feeling like I let people down when they meet me. I think it's equal parts age, time and learning about what actually works for me, but at 36 I finally feel that I don't need to dress, act, sound or look like anyone other than myself. 
I spent years paying close attention to other people's reactions as a way of better providing what I thought they wanted or needed from me, but something sunk in this year that made me realize that what I needed was actually more important in the long run. There will probably always be a little part of me that's envious of people who embody their brand aesthetic so perfectly and enjoy that aspect of business, but embracing what allows me (which will always be different, but no better or worse, than what others need) to do my best work feels like the best choice for me right now. And if that choice happens to be a style that allows me to walk seamlessly from work to a muddy dog walk, it's a win win. If you want to read the full piece the link is in my profile above and you can swipe up in stories, too.
  • I cannot get enough of @tropicophoto 's photography. Tropico is the creative partnership of Michelle Norris and Forrest Aguar and they embrace color and pattern in a way that takes my breath away. If you need a creative escape today, check out their feed.
  • I'm working on a piece about race and racism in the real estate industry and yesterday I had the pleasure of spending my day with two talented and wonderful women who reminded me to look more closely, ask more questions and listen, always. My heart and mind are filled to the brim from their conversations and the first thing I thought of this morning was this piece by @lakwena ❤️ 📷 by @emmajanepalin at @kkoutlet
  • Today we got to chat with @melanieabrantesdesigns about her new book, Carve. Whittling, wood working and the joy of working with your hands are all celebrated in its pages and today @aandbcreative is talking with Melanie about what inspired her book and work. Check out the full story in the link above 👆🏽(or swipe up in stories) Photos by @melaniericcardi