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  • Today is #transgenderdayofremembrance and all of us here at DS support, love, and stand with our trans friends, family, and community. This day began as a way to honor those lives lost because of transphobia and today we are stopping to remember those lives and to continue to find ways to support and protect trans members of our our community. @glaad is sharing first person stories on their Instagram feed today but there are so many more stories to be heard and understood- and so much learning to be done within our ally community. Voting is a powerful tool to ensure our elected officials support trans rights, so if you have time today, please look into your local elections and hold those officials accountable for supporting trans rights in your local community. Image via @mothercreature
  • From this weekend’s very fast trip to SF and back. This piece is by Susan O’Malley and we spotted it at the Ferry Building in a moment when I really needed to see something like this. 💕 (More info on Susan and her work in the link above 👆🏽) #love
  • Starting the morning with this beautiful pink and red moment from the @mooreaseal shop in Seattle. To check out the full store tour and redesign, click the link in my profile above 👆🏽 thanks to @mooreaseal and @aandbcreative for sharing this story with us ❤️
  • Turk has never seemed more at home in any house we’ve lived in together than this one. This morning we got his test results back and found out he has cardiomyopathy, so I feel like the universe has made it very clear that we should appreciate our time together as much as we can. I’m so glad that whatever time he has left can be spent lounging in the sun on sofas and on high surfaces he doesn’t have to share with the dogs. Living here has given him so much more personal space and seeing him enjoy it has been such a gift. He will always be the king of this house. ❤️