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Virginia Sin Ceramics + Best of the Web

Last weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair was like a wonderland of beautiful ceramics. If you collect and admire beautiful cups, mugs, planters and vases like I do, this year’s show was heaven. I picked up a few pieces for our home (more on those later) and was most excited to meet some artists and designers in person that I’d never met before. We had the pleasure of being the first blog to write about Virginia Sin‘s plates back in 2008 and I finally got to meet and shake Virginia’s hand in person this year. Her booth, shared with another talented designer, Brooke of BTW Ceramics, was a food stylist’s dream come to life. I wasn’t able to walk out without buying something and I’m pretty sure other people left the same way. In addition to Virginia’s gorgeous faux-paper plates, she launched a line of bowls inspired by coffee filters. I love how light and frilly they look, but how substantial they feel in person. These bowls are part of Virginia’s newly expanded tabletop collection that you can find, and shop, online. If you need a great handmade gift idea for someone in your life, these are a fantastic idea. xo, grace

Photographs by Emily Johnston




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Pear Ginger Champagne from Project Sip

Kathryn McCrary Photography Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer Jenn Gietzen Write On Design Project Sip_0009
I love a recipe that doubles as a homemade gift idea. This bubbly Pear Ginger cocktail from Project Sip includes a delicious flavored simple syrup that you can easily jar and give to friends as a DIY holiday gift. This holiday drink is the fourth installment in a series they’ve shared with us that includes Apple Thyme, Peach Margarita and a Raspberry Gin cocktail recipes. I like a little something bubbly this time of year so this festive cocktail might need to go on my list for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Thanks so much to Jen Gietzen and Kathryn McCrary for sharing this with us! xo, grace

Click through for the full recipe after the jump!

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12 Vegan and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

When the holidays roll around, it can be difficult to find ways to make sure everyone at your table has something delicious (and safe) for them to eat. I have a large group of friends that don’t eat meat or animal products of any kind, and my sister-in-law has over 20 food allergies that require serious consideration when cooking. Julia has always been so wonderfully inclusive of our friends’ and family’s food requirements and preferences that it’s made me want to work harder to find delicious things that suit a wide range of diets and make everyone feel welcome at the table. The holidays are all about bringing people together to celebrate and hopefully these recipes will kickstart some new family traditions that celebrate all of the different (and delicious) things you can make without meat, dairy and animal products. I think these recipes are all incredibly flavorful and will be something everyone enjoys, regardless of dietary preference or requirement. xo, grace

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Rustic Apple Pie Recipe from Katie Lee

The very first season of Top Chef holds a special place in my heart. It’s what inspired me to start cooking in earnest and it made me much more aware of all of the hard work that happens behind closed doors to bring food to our tables when we dine out. Season one featured my favorite Top Chef “cheftestant” of all time, Harold Dieterle, and it also introduced me to Katie Lee. A fellow southerner, Katie was born in West Virginia and eventually moved north to New York where she worked in restaurants and became a professional fishmonger. Since her days in the back of the house, Katie has gone on to work as a co-host of The Kitchen on Food Network and write her own cookbook dedicated to comfort foods, The Comfort Table: Recipes for Everyday Occasions. Today she’s sharing a recipe with us that is perfect for the upcoming holidays: a free-form apple pie. Known also as a crostata, this pie has a rustic elegance to it that embraces imperfection and makes your life a little easier if you’re trying this for the first time. I love any recipe that doesn’t require perfection and embraces a homemade look, so this is definitely going on my holiday to-do list. Thanks to Katie for sharing this with us! xo, grace

Click through for the full recipe after the jump!

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We Want Your Job: Farrow & Ball Head of Creative

DesignSponge_FarrowandBall_05 DesignSponge_FarrowandBall_10

Although time travel isn’t possible (so far!), Charlotte Cosby’s job seems like it might be the next best thing. As Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball, the esteemed English paint and wallpapers company, Charlotte has the unique duty of accessing some of history’s most beautiful colors and repurposing them for modern use. Since its establishment in Dorset in 1946, Farrow & Ball has gained a reputation as one of the world’s top purveyors of historically-derived paint colors and patterns, their swatch book the basis for numerous historic home and interior restorations around the globe. With one foot in the past and one in the present, Charlotte’s job of overseeing the brand’s creative division seems endlessly enriching and inspiring—and quite busy, too! Charlotte took a pause from her crazy, color-filled life to answer a few of our questions about her job, the brand, and her thoughts on future decor trends. Check out all of her answers, plus photographs of Farrow & Ball’s new wallpaper collection, after the jump! —Max


This post is brought to you by Farrow & Ball, makers of unparallelled paint and wallpaper that transform homes around the world. See their ranges here.
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Max & Daniel’s Thanksgiving with Ikea Essentials + Recipes


Hosting Thanksgiving has always seemed like a rite of passage for me—a true sign that one is, in fact, a real grownup. Over the years, I’ve made tiny contributions to Thanksgiving dinners (an entree here, a dessert there), but never have I attempted to produce an entire one myself. Last year, my fiancé, Daniel and I moved into a beautiful, albeit quite dilapidated home in the Hudson Valley. Of the many domestic fantasies we saw playing out within its walls (laundry-doing, bed-making, bedside-table-vignette-obsessing), Thanksgiving was always towards the top of the list. If we could host Thanksgiving, we could do anything. We would have, as the phrase goes, arrived—true members of the elusive, seemingly impenetrable League of True Adults. This year, despite our home still looking like a slightly more put-together version of Grey Gardens, we have decided to make the leap. Thanksgiving or bust!

With a little bit of help from our pals at IKEA, we have crafted what we think is a darling little homage to some of our favorite things—Scandinavia, The Hudson Valley, and—of course—obscene amounts of food. We’ve prepared some of our favorite seasonal recipes (new family traditions, possibly!) and set the table in true Upstate Dandy fashion. We’re ready. LET’S DO THIS. Check out all of the photos, plus our not-s0-secret recipes, after the jump! —Max

ikeaThis post was created in collaboration with IKEA. Their selection of holiday and celebration essentials are an important part of family gatherings! #showusyourIKEA

Click through to see Max’s and Daniel’s Thanksgiving celebration and their essentials for a wonderful meal.

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