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  • Today we're stepping into the Berkeley, CA home of designer Clara Jung of @bannerdaysf - I love all of the bright natural light and the moments of great wallpaper and wall art. Just click the link above to see the full tour. Thanks so much to @bannerdaysf photographer @laurenedithphoto and @ameliapresents for sharing this story with us.
  • ‪Celebrating with @turshen as soon as we both close our laptops. Happy Hannukah to everyone celebrating tonight! DIY menorah by @davidstarkinc 🌸🌈❤️
  • The emotional weight of all of the stories that broke this week about the food world and what women are being subjected to is heavy. I know these stories are just the tip of the iceberg and my thoughts and support are with everyone who felt safe enough to speak up- and especially those who did not. These conditions continue and so many aren’t able to speak up safely or leave. This illustration that @camixvx created feels like a good place to start today. Whether you’re working to create safe spaces for empathy and solidarity and community and support at home, at work, or with friends and loved ones- thank you for being there to support those dealing with (and having to relive and retell) these difficult experiences ❤️
  • Ooh this chandelier moment that @flavie_kennon shared in #dslooking is 👌🏽👌🏽