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  • Some nights are so special that words and pictures don’t do them justice. Getting to see @drjessicabharris and @turshen in conversation (along with an amazing room of people who joined in for a real community dialogue) celebrating #feedtheresistance —while ALSO getting to sit next to @kristinagillphoto (!!!💕) made for the best night ❤️
  • My general feelings about this week. Winky gets me. ❤️
  • Today we're stepping into the Berkeley, CA home of designer Clara Jung of @bannerdaysf - I love all of the bright natural light and the moments of great wallpaper and wall art. Just click the link above to see the full tour. Thanks so much to @bannerdaysf photographer @laurenedithphoto and @ameliapresents for sharing this story with us.
  • ‪Celebrating with @turshen as soon as we both close our laptops. Happy Hannukah to everyone celebrating tonight! DIY menorah by @davidstarkinc 🌸🌈❤️