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  • I love love love this idea that @freeperiodpress posted- creating an “Imaginary Advisory Board”. The best spin on vision boarding and such a fun way to remember people that inspire and motivate ❤️💪🏽
  • Sorbet colors side by side in #dspink from the always inspiring @londonispink 💛💕
  • This week we got to step inside the colorful San Francisco studio of designer Kate Koeppel of @recorddividers. Possibly my favorite moment of this tour (aside from the amazing pink combos) was when Kate said, "In 2013 I began designing and manufacturing physical products, because I generally assume I can learn how to do anything (especially if I don’t already know how complicated it is going to be)." I love that feeling and the confidence to charge up any hill and tackle the unknown. Check out Kate's full studio tour in the link above. Thanks to photographer @elysajean and @kellikehler for sharing this story with us.
  • Because it’s 6 degrees outside and I’d rather be somewhere warm like this. Thanks for the daydream vacation, @erikacarlock (from #dspink )